Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Famous Last Words: My Mister always teases me for saying this when I find something to be completely absurd or ridiculous...

Last Friday it was a bit over 80 degrees... and today, I woke up to this.
"Really? Really, REALLY??"
Oh, Mother Nature, what a trixter you are! Here's to starting one's day off with a laugh!


  1. I say that all the time too when something is just too unfathomable to comprehend. Hehe.

  2. yes, march is wacky, whimsical and unpredictable - perhaps it is why i enjoy her so very much...
    so do you love seth meyers on snl and their 'really' skits? the michael phelps one was one of the best...

  3. @mairedodd
    Yes, I really really do!

    And I "really" appreciate the new perspective on March...looking at it that way, yeah. it is pretty amazing!


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