Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...Part I

A few of years ago, our live tree fell down twice, breaking many an ornament and leaving a huge mess. I decided that I was going to purchase an artificial, pre-lit tree, however, when Christmas came around, I caved and bought the live tree too. So now, each year, we put up 2 trees....hence the "part 1". For this tree, {my pre-lit tree} I wanted all of the ornaments to be gold. I decided we needed to fill in some of the gaps + was reminded of an ornament that still hangs on my mum's tree that I made as a child. Having quite a bit of cardboard from boxes kicking around, I cut out a bunch of star shapes. My son and I used glue to attatch different kinds of macaroni to the stars, then once they were dry, I spray painted them with gold paint. We used a glue gun to attatch ribbon to hang them and I think they make a wonderful holiday decoration, and wouldn't they make a wonderful gift to gife to family members? Easy and beautiful!
These also work wonderfully when done on the wooden cut outs available in craft stores...then attatch a magnet to the back for a gift that can be enjoyed the whole year through! *



  1. beautiful! you are really an overall creative powerhouse... have a thing for spray paint, do you?!

  2. @mairedodd

    Indeed, I am a bit of a spray paint fiend...I find it to be one of the most immediately gratifying mediums one can use to turn something blah + ordinary into something fabulous! LOL!


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