Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Shopping

As of this past week, I still had yet to put out any of our outdoor Christmas decorations, I had not put out the Nativity or finished decorating our "live" tree. Appropriately stated in the movie, A Christmas Story, I was starting to feel the Christmas nouse begin to tighten.
However, on sunday, my mum gave me the lovely gift of taking the Monks & Fif to the movies so my mister + I could get some christmas shopping done. {No worries, I don't think the small guy will be telling anyone anything!} Ya'll know by now that I am pretty uber organized...but I kind of have to be to be able to manage all of what I do! And you can only imagine the anxiety I was experiencing, having not bought any gifts!
Part of the reason I had not bought gifts was that I didn't know exactly what to buy! In the past few years, we had wonderful ideas for gifts...but this year, well not so much. I think the biggest issue with buying had to do with me; that in the past, I LOVED the gifts the littles would receive on Christmas morning, but as they get older, the toys that they want has also changed. I'm acutely aware that my children are getting older this holiday season. So instead of fighting it, we just bought toys; things that they wanted, complete with plastic packaging. While sometimes I would love for them to stay small forever + be content with their beatiful wooden toys + art supplies, I know that this is really not as ideal as it may seem. I don't them to not have the opportunity to play as their freinds in school do, just becasue of my own personal preferences.
So, I am starting off this week feeling humble, accepting...but also more relaxed. While there are still gifts to be purchased {and money to do so to be shuffled around}, a dent has been made. While I'm sure I will manage to fit in some wood somewhere, what is most important is that I know my littles will have a very Merry Christmas.


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