Friday, December 3, 2010

A Country Living Tree

My Grandmother- in- law {yeah, I know}, got me a subsription to Country Living Magazine a year or so ago...and I LOVE IT! The magazine has such fun little thing-a-ma-jigs {with shopping guide}, ideas for decorating + recipes {that I am more than happy to convert into vegan if possible}. In this last issue, I saw this great photo of a winter "tree" made from branches. I'm all about the branch trees + thought I would try to make one of my own. It would be Christmasy ...but also something that I could leave up through the winter. I found this great vase at Marshall's/ Home Goods over the weekend when I braved the Black Friday crowds with the Fif. I know, it is awesome... I'm really lucky like that. I'll never be able to figure out why people say "Oh, I can't shop at Marshall's"...or worse, "I don't shop sales". REALLY?!?! You like paying more money for things? Or you prefer to shop and buy clothing that you will see on aleast 5 other people that season? Nope, not me. I live for the sale...and the Marshalls, where I can usually find something like this vase that I know no one else will have! But getting back to my tree...the photo showed little walnuts spray painted silver, hung from the I did just that. I used sage green velvet ribbon and hot glue to make the loops for hanging said silvery walnuts.The photo also called for some crystal chandelier droppings. Well, I didn;t happen to have any of those just kicking around...but again, lucky me, I found some plastic ones on Target for just $1 each! Woo Hoo!So how do you think my tree stands up to the original? I'm thinkin' it is pretty darn great, don't you agree?


  1. Um, YES!!!! It's gorgeous...I may be stealing this idea, as I'm off work until after Christmas, and I live in the country...and my crafting side has been woefully neglected....thanks as always for your inspiration!

  2. Fabulous! And oh, that vahs! And the closeup on the silvered walnut! And velvet ribbon! Just lovely. How nice to have a decoration that can remain after Christmas gets packed away into bins.


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