Monday, December 13, 2010

Chilly Time Chili

Truth be told, I love making this Chili Summer, Winter, Spring + Fall! It is a staple in our house for sure! These is something about being able to make vat of chili + letting simmer on the stove that really warms your heart.This is the Chili mix I use for the base of my Veg. Chili. The Fantastic brand also makes other TVP {Textured Vegetable/Soy Protien} products, like mixes for "Taco Crumbles" of "Sloppy Joe" mix! Mmmmm! These little boxes of deliecious aren't always easy to find, so I usually stock up whenever I happen to be in the store that carries them!

After you prepare your box of Chili Mix, add your diced tomatoes {large can}. Then I add a large can of both black and red kidney beans, a small can of garbanzo beans + a can of corn. Sometimes, I will also chop a green pepper for some more color. This is probably way more bean than what the back of the Fantastic Mix box calls for, however, I make up the difference by seasoning to taste with cumin, a bit of chili powder and hot sauce. Beans are so important for everyone to eat...every day really, since they carry the essential amounts of fiber that our body needs each day. While the Monks isnt the biggest fan of beans, everyone else in our house devours their dishes of chili. We usually serve it over rice with some Guacamole on top...but straight from the pot works amazingly well too!

Happy Monday Everyone!



  1. is this a wegman's or whole foods find? em has been asking for sloppy joes... and i am dying for good chili... with corn bread - mmm... thanks for sharing this!

  2. @mairedodd
    They do carry this brand at Whole Wallet {ahem, Foods}...but they don't usually have this mix...just hummus, beans, etcetera. I make the mini pilgrimage to Wegmans every couple of weeks to stock up on these. Wegman's usually always has them + each box costs just $2.50! Opposed to closer to $4 in other stores.
    Having little things like this that make Vegan cooking fast {vs. all from scratch} makes the whole idea of eating this way alot less intimidating!

  3. mmmm chili!
    thanks for this idea


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