Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Big Boobs

First, let me apologize if the title of this post has offended anyone's delicate sensibilities. But the truth still remains, I have big boobs. No, really people, BIG. But similar to finding the perfect outfits to conceal my tattoos when neccessary, over the years I have also become a conosur of bras that keep my bits + bobs where I want them . You know why, because when not under lock + key, my boobs DO make me look fat. I swear everytime I was pregnant, people knew immediately because my boobs would swell + even in normal clothing, I would look like I was wearing a corset style push up bra. By my due date, when I was sitting, I could practically rest my chin on my cleavage...

Go ahead + laugh, it really is rather funny. But you know, it wasn't funny being a kid with boobs. And it wasn't so fun when I was dying to wear a certain kind of bathing suit, that looked SMOKIN', by the way...all except for the non adjustable straps that had my boobs sagging somewhere around rib cage level. True, there have been many an outfit that I have bypassed because it just wouldn't be flattering while doning the strapless bra that would be required.

However, after many a trail and error, I had found the perfect bra! The Bali Minimizer #3364. It held you in in all the right places, without giving you pointy Madonna- cone- boobs. Some of you might be snickering at me, thinking, "yeah right, this gal doesn't know what big boobs are". You are not the first to have been decieved, my friends! We are talking 32D over here...the bra was just THAT GOOD.And sadly, you might also be thinking, "She just used the past tense in that last statment?..." Yes my friends, I did. Bali has discontinued my bra + I am horrified! I have negelcted buying new ones for a while and now am kicking myself, for had I known, I would have bought up whatever I could find! Alas, before I would begin my quest for my new perfect bra, I decided it was necessary to write an email to Bali, telling them how they RUINED MY LIFE! No, just kidding. But I did tell them that they should bring the Bra #3364 back + that while I was scouring the internet for the bra, I came accross many ladies who were feeling my pain over #3364. And wouldn't you know, I got a response! Surely an automated response via email, but a response all the same.


You know, it felt good to be moved by something that is close to my heart {no punn intended} and to take the time make these feelings known. So often, it can be easy to think, "Oh, well, I'm just one person, what differnce can I make?" But the truth is that we can make differences, by writing letters and supporting products we agree with by buying them + not giving money to those products which we do not agree with. But most of all, even if they never bring back bra #3364, I feel like I atleast tried to do something. So while I won't be burning any of my bras, I certainly feel empowered + will continue to write and believe that everyone opinions should be regarded as worthy contributions.


  1. Oh dear, the grass is always greener, isn't it? In my teens (and *ahem* even now) I dreamed of filling out my bras. I'm the little b-cup that could! Haha but I applaud you for writing a letter to the company. Trust me, coming from a retail background, when companies get complaints, even ONE makes a difference in how they do things! Go'on with your big boobs!

  2. horray for boobies!!!!
    sorry for your loss, though..
    I was an A cup my whole life..
    imagine how I felt as a full C after my pregnancy! haha:) xooxx


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