Monday, November 22, 2010

Move That Body

I always find that the best day to embark on a new adventure is Monday. So while many are thinking that they will wait until the Monday after Thanksgiving {or even New Years} to worry about sweating off whatever it was that they ate this week, if your more of the proactive type, why not start today?!


I remember reading a Soulemama post last year where she had made close to a dozen little elastic waisted baby pants. She said that while she couldn't always find blocks of time for all the projects she would like to do, she is able to sneak away for 20 minutes here and there. {The fact that she could make a pair of these adorable pants in just 20 min. still fascinates me.} This postof hers came to mind when I was thinking about trying to incorporate exercise into my life. Really, I'm a college professor, have three kiddos of my own and take care of another child 5 days a week...adding something else to my plate seemed like the impossible.

However, I started small, with the 2o minutes I could steal in a day. I think that a common misconception people have about exercise is that anything less than 45 minutes isn't worth it. How very untrue! As promised, here are some ridiculous photos of me doing a little exercise routine on the bottom step of my staircase. Joining a gym is just not in the cards and life as a mama can be this little ditty is just right. On a good day, keep going for a full 30 minutes...when the kids start fighting or the baby starts crying, stop at 15 min + hope to steal away some time later in the day.

So here is the drill: Step up with the right foot leading 20 times, then repeat with the left foot. {Eventually build up to 30 steps on each leg}. Turn to the side and step up side ways, lifting your leg out to the side as you step up. Do 15 lifts with the right leg, then turn and repeat with the left. When you are done, lean foward {holding onto the 4th step or so} and do 20 "girl pushups". Stand. And repeat. Again and again until you have hit about 20-30 minutes.
It is most definately a "step" in the right direction!

Sorry, couldn't help myself.



  1. I feel lazy now!
    but I always find myself an excuse: The toddler mess the house, the newborn wants to feed, there's cleaning to do, holiday gifts to make, help the BF to study, make dinner... I actually TRIED having 20 min to myself to meditate, when everyone was asleep and the baby usually don't feed... Didn't happen! :(

    at least we walk for about an hour everyday!

  2. It definitely all adds up. I think as mamas, it is easy to get overwhelmed by finding a long chunk of time to ourselves at any point in the day. Everyone has little chunks here and there though. I try to use my chunky baby as resistance for squats and lunges, etc while getting dinner prepped or vacuming.

  3. @Andr�ann
    NO! YOu are AWESOME! We mamas do more than nanyone...I think of us like the military, we do more before 6 am than anyone else!!

    But you know, after 3 kids, fradute school, 7 years of marriage...I am determined to find a little "me time". It is tough to find for sure, but now that I am in the groove...well, I don;t know how Id do without!
    Youre not lazy...just a freaking fabulous mama!

  4. @Tammy
    So awesome! The "little lamb" is my first of 3 babies that has been below the 100th percentile at 10 months: my skinny baby!

    But the resistance DOES add up! So good to steal away 10 minutes of baby snugglin' squats! LOL
    Whatever is takes mama!


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