Thursday, October 14, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a playgroup. Some good friends, some new friends...and 17 children. Holy geez, what ever can prepare a mama for that!?!

Today I hosted a playdate with a few good friends...yielding a total of 11 children {My 3 + my "ward" being the largest "family group"}. Nothing says "Happy Weekend" like a port wine cheese log, some spicey olives + a little Sauvignon Blanc! Lots of laughter and fun were enjoyed by all in attendance...and thankfully most of us have invested in some sort of birth control as most of our homes have reached maximum capacity for hosting such large playgoups; all those littles amongst only 4 mamas! LOL, sorry, bad joke, but I find it hilarious as I heat up pizza to feed said littles + think over the events of the day. Ah, all in a days work, I tell you!

It is so nice to have good friends to spend an afternoon with; chatting over a bottle {or 3} of wine, while our children play, talk too loud and otherwise, just act like little children. After cancelling the college class I was to teach tomorrow morning, today was my friday...and I enjoyed it ever so much!

Cheers to good friends who are tolerant of chaos + littles...and like to drink wine!

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  1. Happy Friday and hope you have a nice weekend with your sweetie :)


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