Wednesday, September 15, 2010

antiqued glass lanterns

I did not have a post planned for today + being that I had a class to teach this afternoon, I thought I might just take the day off. That was, until I came accross this fun tutorial on how to make "antique glass lanterns" on a blog I just came accross recently. As if I had not already thought that Chelsea was a pretty cool chick, what with that awesome tattoo + her logo {which I covet}, this project really is the icing on the cake!

*** {Photo by Seablanket} ***

These little glass lanterns remind me of something I would have found on an old ship! I can only imagine how great they would look alone, or in groups on a table, or even rigged with wire + hung outide for enjoying these beautiful autumn evenings that are a commin' our way!?! And the best part is that they are ever so simple to make!

So pop on over to Seablanket to check out this tutorial, which apparently is a bit of a "tuesday tutorial tradition". And have a very happy wednesday!



  1. Oh man that tattoo is totally dope! I don't usually like "traditional" tattoos but that one is pretty nice.

    Robina @

  2. passed by from SITS- my problem I do not have the patience for these projects :(


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