Monday, August 9, 2010

Woe is me

I am so incredibly sad to report that my laptop is currently on the mend... Or so I hope! I am clicking away at an itouch,which really is not the best way to write posts. What timing,when I have so much I would like to share, including My Best Friend's Wedding, Part 2, a bit of sewing, a head dress of sorts that I made to wear to said wedding... And some other thoughts in general.

So please friends, do not think I have run off! On the contrary, being smack in the middle of life as usual without my computer is like some kind of touture! But instead of feeling blue, I going to look at this as an opportunity to take a wee break from technology + spend more back to basics time with family + friends. {it is kind of ironically funny that being without my computer, I just spent atleast 3x longer than usual trying to touchscreen this little note!}

be back before you know it!


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