Saturday, August 28, 2010

sewing ventures past

I was making beds this morning + while straightening the Fif's room, I noticed the little flip doll that I had made her sitting on the shelf of her dollhouse bookcase. I remember being head over heels for this kit that I purchsed from Umbrella Prints on Etsy. The sweet little faces were printed on organic fabric, which also came with a pattern + instructions for putting the dolls together. And since they came in a set of 2, I made the second to give to a friends daughter as a birthday gift...

I went to look up my post on these from my last blog + cracked up when I recalled trying to put these together! In hindsight, I had just way too many things up in the air + in the making. What should have been an easier task gave me some trouble, but I reasoned that it was all just part of the process. A little blanket stitching around the limbs was a lifesaver... and you know, I thought it was good for my littles to see that things do not always go smoothly, but that we shouldn't ever give up. There is always another option; another way of doing something that just might take a bit of creativity + imagination!

I think both girls enjoyed their dolls + it made me so happy to see my daughter's, still displayed on her shelf and played with 2 years later. I had heard that Umbrella Prints was going to be making version of these, but have not checked it out in a while. However, between these dolls + the cuffs I posted on the other day, I think that they sewing machine will be comming out this weekend. For now we are off to the beach to soak up a beautiful day...I'm sure my head will be spinning, daydreaming of future sewing projects!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Super cute dolls!!!! I need to get my sewing machine out of storage and get it going!!

  2. Oh that is a very sweet story; it wasn't an easy pattern I'm glad you kept at it x!


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