Monday, July 26, 2010

cards for me

Something very exciting came for me in the mail this weekend... business cards! It feels strange calling them business anything, as I was not really thinking of my endeavor with blogging and etsy as a business. They are more of, "hey, check out these paintings I did that are for sale + come and chat with me" cards.

As per the card, I am officially a Painter + Maker of This's and That's. You know, I have dabbled in many an artistic medium in my {almost} 30 years, but I never really thought of myself as an the classical way that we usually think of artists. After finishing up this last series of paintings, my opinion of little 'ol me is quite changed! I finished + and am pleased with not one but THREE pieces of art! Some folks might be wondering how such a feat is accomplished with 3 littles in tow and a new job about to begin in September?
Well, I will tell you.

I kid that I have more hours in my day than everyone else...but this is not true. After my third baby was born, I felt different. We were done + I was me again. My head was no longer half in my uterus, wondering: Would we have another baby? Would the pregnancy be ok? What if it wasn't? Should be try? Could I VBAC? And while having a job about to begin also has me divying up my time, it is also something I used to fret about that I no longer have to. So I suppose that is where I find the time to paint + make =during the hours I used to be preoccupied with worry. I manage to allow myself the time for what seems like the impossible task of being creative on a regular basis, however I feel that I am more present as a parent than ever. Because while I can easily put down the paint brush, turning off one's brain is not always so easy to do! So cheers to me; replacing old woes with new happy things, business cards + all.


Hoping everyone had a most wonderful weekend!


  1. Very cool cards and a great title for yourself! I've heard these called "blog cards" instead of business cards but I suppose you could also call them calling cards, to resurrect that practice.

    (Stopping by from LBS!)

  2. cute cards! your daughter has the most beautiful eyes!!!

  3. Congrats they look awesome! And the new button link worked. Thanks :)


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