Thursday, May 27, 2010

little fabric lovelies

I had mentioned a few posts back that I was preparing for the Fif's third birthday party. With just over one week until the celebration, I'm so excited to share some of what I've been preparing!

I don't want to ruin the surpirse for the guests who will be attending who might also read my little typings, so I'll have to show this project to you all in two parts. I'm pleased to introduce you to my little fabric lovlies. As this is a pixie princess party, there are any number of reasons why having some lovely leaves handy would be useful. While these have a very specific purpose, I have already found myself daydreaming about other ways I might use this method of creating leaves and flowers for other projects!

So with a bit of fabric, some "stitch witchery" {iron adhesive} and some floral wire and tape, I am ready for the next part of this project...I have a very good feeling that the result will be quite wonderful and will hopefully be something that the Fif and her guests will enjoy for some time!

More to come!


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