Monday, May 17, 2010


Another Confession...
I LOVE stationary. I love writing and receiving hand written letters and thank you's on beautiful papers. I love it that someone will hold that note in their hands, read the words that are written in neater- than- usual penmanship and know that a special moment was taken to convey the sentiment that paper holds...

However, what I love only slightly more than this is a printed invitation. There is something so lovely about the tiny bit of majesty held on that paper. It is as if it is saying, "here is something really special!" Atleast that is how I feel whenever I receive a beautiful invitation in the mail.

Printed invitations {and stationary} can be very costly, and while I usually don't have a huge budget for the parties I am throwing, these are things that I don't feel should be overlooked either. I will very often use a site called Vistaprint for invitations, as I am not in posession of a computer printer to make invitations myself. {A printer is on my "To Purchase" list.} This site has some really nice invitations at ridiculously good prices. And while my personnal preference for paper weight is closer to that of a serving tray, when I'm not looking to break the bank on invitaitons, vistaprint will surely do.
So this is where I purchased the invitations for the Fif's pixie princess party. All of my ranting a couple of weeks ago about fugitive mini glitter and glue pens was for this project. The glue pen did work well, however I probably could have just shaken the glitter onto the invitations alone, as it was so fine it seemed to stick without any help. There is a reason that Martha Stewart is a single woman; any man who had to live with someone who worked with this stuff on a regular basis would surely want to kill her! My husband's eye was ticking for days because every time he looked into the mirror he found a speck of glitter on his face...I would not have minded so much?

In the end, the invitations were exactly what I was hoping for and I could not wait to send them out. Adding the glitter {or any other personal touch} gave the printed invitation just the right impression I was hoping to send.

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  1. NOW SEE HERE!!!! I was ALL set to go and read my "sweater workshop" book that's going to teach me to knit actual USEFUL THINGS!!! When YOU go and psychically tune in to what I REALLY should be doing right now instead. This is NO good for my slacking off, reading my book, mojo.
    But thanks a ton, seriously. My son's 2nd is in 3 weeks and invites SHOULD BE OUT NOOOOOW!!!!! And they're not. I was gonna go buy a today is rainy, I am 3rd trimester huge and only have skirts and dresses that fit so will not go out today. That's just how it works. So to vistaprint I go!!! Thanks, on-task nazi!!! ;-) (that made sense in my head)


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