Thursday, April 15, 2010

the favor

{This Moment}
This weather really needs to warm up. After that stretch of randon summer like weather a couple of weeks ago {having nothing to do with global warming}, my kiddos have decided that whenever the sun is shining {even if it is 40' out}, they are free to run outside, wearing whatever they happen to have on; not even pausing for shoes.

So please God, give us some warm weather, in that this behavior may appear normal and so the neighbors will not think the children have tied me to a chair and taken over the house.



  1. cute little belly!

  2. I hear you! My toddler was prancing around in his cloth diaper and sneakers just yesterday, it was quite a sight to see!

  3. I think we're all a little eager to lose the sweaters and get outside. I love the abandon with which children do so, though! :)

  4. LOL great shot and your comment really made me chuckle

  5. Why, Thank you for visitng and all your comments!
    So fun!!
    Hope you'll visit again!


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