Monday, June 27, 2011

CM Get Away 2011...+ Our Tattoos From Last Week

This weekend we took off to Cape May, NJ for our annual overnight trip. Well, this year, my Mum took the Monks + Fif down for the overnight while my Mister, baby Liam-b and myself drove down the next morning for the day {work schedules + all}. Oh, we got sandy, saw dolphins swimming, drank road sodas on the beach...the Monks + Fif got stung by jelly fish, shopped {check out my awesome new bag + candle sticks} and we ate more greasy french fries than I'd care to admit. There were about a thousand missed photo opportunities, but truthfully, I was having so much fun, I decided to stay sandy and skip playing photographer for the day. On the drive home, while I admired the new bag my Mum bought for me in downtown CM {our little solo shopping excursions are another CM tradition}, I thought I would post it, along with the photos from the Date Night my Mister took me on last week {a belated anniversary gift}. Yes, while some couples celebrate anniversaries in more, ahem, traditonal ways, we set off to the tattoo shop...and then to my favorite resteraunt in Asbury Park for some spicey Creole food {+ a Cosmo for me!} We only make a tattoo appointment about once a year these I had a laundry list of work for our dear friend Tom. I should have taken these photos right away, as a week later our tattoos are still healing...but here they are all the same. Some fill in work with these diamonds, stars + dots...and I added this new one on the inside of my other arm {the f'ing black cover up pardon any faded creeping lines, arrrgh.} Yes, after 8 years of marriage, I finally got my Mister's name! {He's had my name on his wrist since we were engaged...}

And then my Mister got this from Bink. Typical guy weirdness...I LOVE IT! So I think that just about catches us up with the more exciting events of late! We are embarking on our first full week with all children at home for summer vacation, my ankles are feeling much better {running injury which has been plauging me of late} and I am chomping at the bit for my new sneakers to come in so I can start pounding out the miles on the treadmill again. With the 4th of July weekend comming up, there are many fireworks to be watched {especially living as close to the beach as we do}...and in other exciting news for this week, alas, there are iphones in our future. I am finally jumping into the 21st century. I have to be the world's most low tech blogger... So on that note, I bid you a happy monday + a week of sunny skies!



  1. I think you just might be able to fit in that bag:)

    I love the idea of tats for anniversary. We usually get each other one for at least 1 holiday a year. The gift that keeps on giving.

    AND, once you get that iPhone, it's Words With Friends all the way. It's like Scrabble and completely addicting. Let me know your handle if you decide to get the app and play. It's a lot of fun.

  2. I assure you I am more low tech than you. I can't even figure out how to change text sizing. meh.

    I love the heart tattoo. I get sick of reading constantly how one shouldn't dare to put names on the body because it's a huge jinx on the relationship. I look at the other way around. I've never regretted having my husband's name on my arm.

  3. Sounds like a fun date. My hubby and I have had a few dates to the tattoo parlor ourselves.

  4. Sometimes we go on the same kind of dates! That's always fun telling out babysitter where we will be lol. I agree Words With Friends is alot of fun!


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