The Farm

Welcome to The Farm!  Our family has lived a vegetarian/ vegan lifestyle for a good long time...and even during times {like when I was pregnant} when we "fell off the wagon", so to speak, we have always had a sort of passion for food, cooking + healthy, simple living. 
For this small town mama, no day is too uneventful for donning red lipstick + a fabulous set of vintage style victory rolls...however I'm also not opposed to getting my short red nails a little dirty either!  After a good long time, I have finally talked my Mister starting a little farm on our little plot in suburbia.  We have a coop with some chickens {chicks at present} and have just finished our Front Yard the front of our property happens to be where we get the most sun. 
We happen to live in the very town where my grandparents raised my mum + her brother...during a time when it was not uncommon to have a substantial vegetable garden or to hang your laundry out-of-doors. Women of that time {40's, 50's} who stayed at home to raise children {or worked part time as I do} lived simply, worked hard, were masters of most things thread + yarn related....and they looked fabulous while doing it!  I suppose there is a part of myself that wants that kind of experience for myself + my family.
So this is the space where I will chronicle this year's adventure toward making my sepia-drenched daydreams a reality.  We have so enjoyed the experience thus far and have recieved loads of support + encouragement from family, friends + neighbors...who will not be all that surprised to see these red lips rockin' and adorable apron + some wellies more days than not.  
Wish me luck + visit often!